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A leading DMS Vendor needed interfaces for both Volkswagen Audi and General Motors. They decided to use Tamara Systems to develop them. They did not do this because of a lack of expertise; on the contrary they are a high tech company with the skills to match. They did it because we were seen as a very cost effective means of achieving their goals and so it proved.


For the Volkswagen group (Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda and Commercial) we have developed a communications bridge which will allow any DMS to integrate to FISH, ELSA or Saga/2. The bridge handles all of the VW communication protocols. All the DMS needs to do is to write text files. This saves months of development effort. If you need this integration we can definitely help.


We also developed a communication control program for General Motors Exchange interface. This, in conjunction with AXWAY, wraps the transaction files with the necessary protocol and creates both the Payload and Message Meta Data files, it monitors the transfer of the data and ensures delivery to General Motors. Conversely, it unpacks data coming from GM and acknowledges receipt. This component is reusable. If you need to move from GM’s DCS2 to Exchange we can save you time and effort.  


Another DMS system needed to link with Experian so that dealers could check whether used cars were legitimate and were not stolen or had not been involved in a serious accident and had been written off. We developed a central server which would take the dealer enquiries pass them onto Experian and would then highlight vehicles with potential problems. The server was developed using Microsoft’s .Net.


A large automotive group was moving from one DMS system to another. The size of this task was significant and they could not afford to convert all their modules at the same time. We helped with the migration and bridged old and new systems so that they could move departments across at their pace without losing the integrity of the accounts and customer balances. Because the data conversion was bespoke we also managed to carry forward much more information from the old systems which otherwise would have been lost.  


Third Party Integration


Linking systems that are based on older technology with more modern systems can prove problematic. The following are good examples of our ability to overcome these challenges.


“We approached Tamara Systems to discuss the feasibility of converting our current data to a new system which would involve in excess of 200 individual conversions (sales, purchase, nominal and bank conversion.) Tamara Systems had the expertise to map our current data correctly to the new system, and within a couple of test runs we were ready to do the live conversions, Nominal ledgers balanced to zero. Sales and purchase ledger open item transactions aged correctly and balanced. The vast majority of the ledgers converted without problem, however, if we encountered a problem, it was resolved within a few hours and a new file was ready to be converted. Data conversion was one of the most successful elements in the change over to the new system, Tamara Systems was instrumental to that success.”

John Bickle



”I was very impressed by Tamara System’s professionalism. If you give them a job you can be confident that it be completed on time and on budget. I will have no hesitation in using them again and would gladly recommend them to others.”

Rob Wood


We have many other examples of integration and data migration. If you need to get data from one system to another there is more than a good chance we can help.


“We were looking to integrate our DMS “Motorline” with Volkswagen’s MSR applications and needed to do this quickly. Rather than developing the communication protocols ourselves we decided to use bridging software from Tamara Systems. This reduced the development time by several months and allowed my staff to concentrate on developing additional enhancements for our VW/Skoda customers. By using this strategy we developed ELSA and FISH first and then found that SAGA/2 had been developed almost as a by product, it was a quite a bonus. The staff at Tamara were helpful and knowledgeable and worked with us in partnership, allowing us to deliver our promise to Skoda and our customers on schedule and within budget. I would certainly recommend Tamara Systems to others.”

Margaret McGough

General Manager – Peak Software