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Tamara Systems is a well established software development company that has been operating since 1994.


We are strong in the automotive sector and have provided solutions for both motor manufacturers and their dealers.


We have significant knowledge of dealer management systems. (In a previous life we developed a market leading DMS and have worked on several others since then.)


We provide a professional service and pride ourselves on our customer care.

Technical Background


Depending on the customer’s preference we normally develop using Microsoft .NET together with SQL Server. For legacy systems we have experience in Microsoft Visual BASIC (Windows environment) and SQL plus Microfocus COBOL running on UNIX.


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Automotive::manufacturer systems, labour times, menu pricing and connectivity

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System / Third Party Integration : dynamic data exchange, cross platform interaction

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Sister Companies : Products and services based on experience and expertise

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Bookings Manager : (Non motor trade)  resource and organisation management

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Showroom : vehicle sales assistant with customer interaction and secure business practices

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Web Base Training : cost effective deployment of training via the internet

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